Tour-Operator Reservation System for Tailor-made Holidays

Documentation - Holiday Screen - Services Tab

The Services tab is used to create and manage the itinerary for the holiday.

Service Creators Group

Hotel : Used to quickly add a hotel or tour.

Enter the hotel/tour code, part of the hotel/tour name, or select an item from the drop down; then select the number of nights required and click the "+" button. 
A line will be added to each of the Pax Group Boxes (see below) indicating the hotel/tour. The start date will be calculated automatically. The default room type is set by your data loaders (in the Service Edit screen ). 
By default, the '+' button adds the hotel to the end of the itinerary; to instead insert the hotel at a different date, drag the  button, rather than clicking it, onto one of the drop zone boxes at the end of a hotel service line - the new hotel will be inserted prior to that hotel. 

Travel: Automatically adds international flight/train/ferry services to suit the itinerary

  • Auto : Depart from and Return to the airport set in home_airport pref, landing at nearest airport to the first hotel in the itinerary
  • Open Jaw : As per Auto, but on return leg depart from the airport nearest to the final hotel in the itinerary
  • Auto cost : Keep flights previously generated by Auto/Open jaw, but allow changing them while still looking up the cost
  • None : Remove all automatically created flights
  1. The airports that correspond to hotels (or actually the location they are in) is set by your data loaders.
  2. Changing the flight class is done in the Service Edit screen - see below.
  3. If a Manual service already exists on the date of an Automatic service would be created, that Automatic service is not created
  4. Where the system has to guess the endpoint, it can be changed using the service Edit screen, otherwise the 
  5. Services created by this automatic option cannot be deleted (they will just be re-created); if the services are no longer required set the Travel selector back to None. to keep some of the services, change their Source to Manual in the Edit Service screen prior to setting Travel to None - note for each Manually sourced service you, not the quote system, are responsible for keeping the flight details including prices up-to-date with the rest of the itinerary.

Transfer Automatically adds Transfer services to suit the itinerary

  • Airport/Hotel: transfers on arrival and departure
  • A/H & H/H : transfers on arrival and departure and between hotels
  • H/H : transfers between hotels only
  • None : remove all automatically created transfers
  1. Automatic Transfers will not be be created on days covered by car hire; or on the first/last day of the car hire if the car hire endpoints match up with the location for the next service. This makes it easy to build itineraries combining car hire and transfers - first add hotel, then car hire, and then set automatic transfers - the transfers will fill in the 'gaps' not covered by car hire; by default car hire pickup/dropoff points will be the hotel, so transfers will be added - change the car hire points to the airport to use the car instead of transfers.
  2. The transfer class and supplier for each transfer created can be altered in the service edit screen - see below.
  3. The origin of an automatic transfer can be changed if it is the first service on a holiday; similarly the destination can be changed if it is the last transfer. The transfer will be re-priced to match the selected destination.
  4. If there is a Manual transfer of the same date and with the same origin and destination as the Automatic transfer that would be generated, that automatic transfer is not created. If the transfer is the first service of the holiday only the destination and date need match; if it is the last service only the origin and date need match.
  5. Automatic Transfers cannot be deleted as they will be re-created; alter the Transfer setting instead.
  6. You can also set the transfer service source to MAN to take it out of the control of the transfer generator, so that it will not be removed if you change the type of transfers to be generated to e.g. None. However, note that you are then responsible for ensuring those Manual Transfers are kept updated to match any itinerary and pricing changes.

Car : Quickly adds a car hire service

Select the preferred supplier and group from the drop down list, then edit the created service set the correct start date and duration. The new CAR service will be shared across all Pax Groups be default. The created service will be maintained automatically have correct pricing and pickup/dropoff locations for the itinerary. See the note in the Transfer section above regarding Car hire endpoints. Note that unlike the Flight/Transfer selectors, this dropdown does not control the contents of the itinerary, so it can be used multiple times to add further car hire services; to remove an added car hire item use the "Del" link on the relevant service line.

EXC : Adds an Excursion service

Enter the excursion supplier code in the EXC box and press Enter, or select from the dropdown. The Manual Service screen will be displayed pre-populated with the available excursions for the supplier. Select the preferred excursion as normal, the date, and press "Add / Update service" to add the excursion. If you are adding a manual excursion, also complete the Location at the bottom of the window (start point of the excursion) as well as the pricing. If the data loaders have set the duration this will be picked up; an error will be shown when saving the Service edit screen if the selected duration is not a multiple of the loaded excursion duration. If the excursion location does not match the clients location on the date of the excursion a warning will be displayed by the excursion - double-check the chosen date and excursion if you see this warning.

Snip : Insert a previously created (partial) itinerary

See the Holiday Snippet documentation

Manual Service : Displays the Service Edit screen (see below).

Allows any type of service to be fully specified manually. It is also possible to use the quick/automatic creators and then change the source from AUT to MAN, to quickly give the basis of a manually controlled service. Remember that it is your responsibility to keep a Manual service up-to-date with the itinerary, including start date and pricing.

Manual Travel : Quickly add outbound and return Travel services (i.e. Flight/Ferry/Train). 

Leave the Return service date empty to create a one way trip. Do not include the word 'Terminal' in the terminal name.

Manual Travel - Import from supplier websites
Highlight a segment of a supplier website and drag that text onto the Manual Travel button. For supported source websites, the Manual Travel dialogue will be shown, pre-populated with the segment details. For more detail see the Importing from Supplier Websites documentation .

Fee/Discount : Add a manual price adjuster. 

Adjustment Type: 
  • Value : increases original prices by the given  Adjustment Value.
  • Percentage : Increases original prices by the percentage given in  Adjustment Value.
  • Free Nights : Decreases original prices to the amount that might have been payable if the stay duration was reduced by the number of nights given in Adjustment Value. The adjustment is applied as a proportion of the current value, e.g. if it is a 4 night stay and the adjuster is for 1 free night, the adjustment applied will be 1/4 of the original price. In particular note that, for example, the discount is not for the price cheapest night of the 4 in the event that the stay crosses a price boundary. 
Apply To : If the adjustment (e.g percentage) applies to a specific service (e..g a hotel), select that service in Apply To, otherwise select "Holiday Sell" - Free Nights can only be applied to a service. 
Adjustment value : The adjustment to apply. For Value or Percentage, enter a negative number to give a discount. For Absolute, a negative number will imply that you are paying the supplier, so is to be avoided. To avoid input errors, the number of Free Nights cannot be the same as the service duration, or be 0, as both of these discounts can be more transparently achieved using a percentage discount.
Adjust Tax:  Select Yes if the tax value should also be altered; for instance to charge tax even on free nights set to No - rates must be loaded with a tax value.  
Fee Type : determines if the adjustment is provided by the supplier or by your operator, and is used in ledger calculations, reporting and may affect if/how the adjustment is displayed on client documentation/included in pricing API's - exact use depends on your tour operator. 
Detail : will normally be displayed to client. 
Disable : An adjuster may be disabled without deleting from the itinerary - this is mostly useful for automatically added adjusters. 
Groups : The group selector works in the same way as the one on  the Service Edit screen. 

Paste: Insert Copied services

Inserts one or more previously copied services from the Service Clipboard (usually from a different revision or holiday).
Note that it is not normally useful to paste Automatic Travel/Transfer items, as these are controlled by the Auto-travel/transfer         settings in the destination quote and so will be ignored. When pasting individual services the source can be set to MANual, but be aware that this keeps the pricing from the source quote, which may not be valid (may be out of date).
After Pasting items remember to check that start dates are correct for the new itinerary, as depending on the service type it is not possible to know what the new start date should be (so that the start date from the source itinerary is used).
  1. Find the holiday/revision containing the service to copy
  2. Click the Copy link on the service line (see 'Each Service Line' section just below), and select either 'Set clipboard' or 'Append to clipboard'. The former will clearer all current items from the clipboard before adding this one.
  3. Move to the holiday/revision into which the copied services should be inserted
  4. Click the Paste button; a menu is displayed with:-
    • Insert All: Attempts to insert all services from the clipboard into each Pax Group; the service edit dialog is not displayed. This action cannot be revered, so consider using a new revision.
    • Each service on the clipboard: Select a service; the Service edit dialog will be displayed pre-populated with the copied service. Select the Pax groups to create the service for (default is All). Press Cancel to abort the insert.

Below the service creators

A summary line is displayed noting current departure date, duration and pricing information for the entire holiday, 

Pax Group Itinerary Boxes

The rest of the services Tab displays boxes that include the itinerary for each Pax Group. 

Each Pax Group has an effectively separate itinerary (although the Automatic service creators always apply services to all Pax Groups).  See the Service Edit screen documentation for more information on how to vary services per Pax Group. 

Each Pax Group box has a summary heading with the group name, number of passengers and buy/sell totals for the group (that text can be clicked to toggle the display of the pricing). To the right of this header is a click-able triangle which presents a menu with commands that affect the Pax Group. 
  • Remove All Services: This will remove all current services from the itinerary for this group. Auto generated services (e.g. base fee adjusters) are automatically re-generated. 
  • Copy from group (n): Copies all services in the given group and adds them into the group from which the option was selected.
Each Service line displays the service start date, a description of the service, timing and pricing for the service. Note that if you hold your mouse over a hotel code the hotel name will be displayed (the full name is also shown in the Service Edit screen). To the right is a set of controls - this vary depending on the holiday status (quote or booking) - see the specific pages for more information. Common options are:
  • " Notes " - Opens a new dialog with several tabs:
    Info tab: private and public notes for the supplier, service and applied cost adjusters. This icon will be highlighted if there is information that should be read (e.g. if there are private notes).
    Client tab: Add a note to be displayed to client on quote/itinerary
    Supplier tab: Add a note to be displayed to supplier on Requests/Vouchers
  • Edit - this displays the  Service Edit screen
  • Copy - Displays a menu with options:-
    • Into this revision : open the Service Edit dialog pre-populated with a copy of this service.
    • Append to clipboard / Set Clipboard : See the Paste button documentation above.
  • A - Choose to fulfil the service from allocation. If the mouse cursor is held over it, the current allocation status for the service will be displayed; this is also indicated the be colour. See Allocation below for more details.
  • @ - Search for flights using an online flight consolidator.
  • Del - Delete one or more services from the itinerary. A menu will be shown with options:-
    • Remove this service : Deletes the single selected service. If the service is shared it is removed from all shared groups (to un-share groups from a service use the service edit screen instead)
    • Remove from all groups : Deletes all services with the same supplier and start date.
    • Merge all groups to one share : Finds all services with the same supplier and start date, updates the first service to be shared amongst all the groups with a found service, deletes the remaining services. As  result the itinerary will stay the same, but the service will now be shared instead of one-per-group, which may affect the pricing.
  • A Drop box target - Other services may be dragged onto this box to re-order that service after this one - an alternative method is to alter the service start date in the  Service Edit screen. Some services (typically auto-created ones) do not support re-ordering, as they are based on the dates of other services.


Each service can be fulfilled from allocation; this allocation must have been loaded using the admin panel.
To choose the allocation to utilise for a given service click on the " Alloc " link for that service.
Note that since allocation is normally room based, it is not normally needed to select allocation for e.g. "Third bed" options; this will depend on the tour-operator workflow.

The Status line indicates the current allocation status:-
  • Not selected : No allocation has be chosen for this service
  • Available : For quotes - indicates that the allocation was available the last time it was checked
  • Taken : For Request/confirmed bookings - indicates the allocation is used by this service
  • Not Available :  Indicates the selected allocation was not available at time of last check 
The Error line indicates the reason that the allocation was not available when checked.

The Allocation list box indicates allocation that may be appropriate for this service; if it is empty then no suitable allocation has been loaded into the system. The Qty entry and "=" buttons can be used to manually select the allocation to take for this service, they operate in the same was as the service option screen. Type, Services and ID columns reflect the loaded allocation.

Use the "Suggest Allocation" button to have the system populate the Qty inputs against the allocation in considers will fulfill this service (to the extend that there is any allocation). Note that the suggest system is simple so suggested allocation should be checked to ensure it fully covers the service dates and options.

Press the "Save Allocation" button to set the allocation for this service. the selected allocation will be checked and the allocation status for this service updated. Note the colour and tooltip of the "Alloc" link for the service; if needed click on the link again and check the Status and Error lines. 

Once allocation is set for a service it is not re-checked automatically when you alter a quote; during the lifetime of a quote the allocation may become unavailable. To re-check the allocation status for all services in the quote use the "Allocation check" item in the Tools menu of the Holiday Toolbar. This will update the allocation status for each service.

Allocation is re-checked when Holiday Status is changed; Unavailable allocation does not prevent the holiday been moved on from Quote to Requesting or Confirmed.