Tour-Operator Reservation System for Tailor-made Holidays

TORS.Travel: Clients and Website Integration

The TORS.Travel backoffice provides various API's that can be called from a tour-operators website (or other systems) in order to price itineraries.

All calls are read-only and run with distinct access for security and to allow the option of using a replicated database.

Single Centre Pricing

Uses a single HTTP GET call to price an itinerary with a single hotel (or tour) and optional flights and optional transfers. Returns the price for a single departure date or a stepped range of departure dates - the latter might be used to display a calendar of prices, or a From price from within the selected date range.

Multi Centre Pricing

Where the Single Centre call is not sufficient, this (more complex) call can price any itinerary that can be handled by the back end. The itinerary passed could be a pre-defined one on the website (although a snippet is often a better method for that use), or dynamically generated from a website viewers wishlist / basket.

Snippet Pricing

Like the single Centre call this is a simple GET that can return prices over a range of departure dates, with the advantage that it prices a pre-created snippet (i.e. a pre-defined itinerary or partial itinerary) rather than a single hotel. A typical use is for suggested itineraries / bespoke tours, and allows sales staff to quickly create a new itinerary based on the suggested itinerary displayed on the website.

Offers List

This call returns all available offers (that are suitable for display to customers), and is generally used to drive site-wide Special Offer pages, as well as highlighting hotel-specific offers on each hotel page.

When the other API's return a price to which offers apply the price does already reflect the offer, and the offer details are included in the returned data for optional presentation to the website viewer.


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