Tour-Operator Reservation System for Tailor-made Holidays

Advice on Reservation systems for Tour Operators

For any questions related to starting up a tour operator, or moving your tour operator away from an existing system, please do not hesitate to call or email - it need not be directly related to the tour operator travel system offered here.

Having been involved in migrating tour operators from and to a variety of different systems, and merging existing companies onto a single system, there is a good possibility that your questions can be answered; Including any queries about moving data out of your existing system and into a new one (and on that subject, please note that the TORS Travel Reservation system system is not based on lock-in - your data can be provided in full any any time at non or minimal charge; and the contract is monthly).

All the same, it is natural to want to consider independent advice to help distinguish between the very wide range of available systems, especially considering the significant amount of work (training, contract loading, etc) that can be needed when starting with a new reservations system.

This is a selection of advisers who have knowledge of a variety of systems, without necessarily been directly connected with any of them. If you are an advisor and wish to be on this list, please submit a request with relevant contact details.