Tour-Operator Reservation System for Tailor-made Holidays

TORS.Travel: Tour Operator Back-office pricing.






Price per month 1:
£100 + 1.5%
£300 + 1.5%
£400 + 1.5%
£500 + 1.0%
Applies when turnover: 1:
Under £14,999
£15,000 - £29,999.99
£30,000 - £59,999.99
£60,000 - £2,000,000

All Plans Are:-

Invoiced monthly

Automatically selected based on the value of bookings that departed in the month prior to invoice.

Included in All Plans is:-

Initial training covering all aspects of the system (maximum 4 trainees)2
UK Working hours and beyond on a best-effort basis via Email & Phone
Real-time database replication
On-site and off-site backups snapshots of current database state throughout the day
Run on servers hosted in a London enterprise-grade data-centre using a dedicated hosting management provider offering a high uptime guarantee
Alternate servers in an alternate data center.
Plan Price does not include a specific SLA
Client documentation
Ready-made templates included for Quotes, Invoices, ATOL certificates, Itineraries, Vouchers & automated contact emails.
Send to client as HTML email or PDF attachment
Your own branding added at no additional cost.
Your own document layouts & designs can be implemented (normally free-of-charge)
Web Application
Works on any system with a supported browser (Chrome/Chromium/Firefox)
Multiple Brands
Sell under different brands to your customers while sharing product and enabling cross-brand reporting.
Quote Options
Each quote can contain multiple itineraries for you customer to choose between
Booking Alteration
Additional quotes can be added to existing bookings e.g. for alternate hotels if preferred accommodation is unavailable.
Automatic quote helpers
Automatically inserting flights, transfers, special offers.
Support hotels, tours, excursions, flights, car hire, rail, ferry, visa's & insurance, also miscellaneous/custom items.
Itinerary templates
Create new quotes from existing itineraries; save itineraries as snippets for inserting into new quotes.
Track use of allocation offered by suppliers.
Customer Enquiries
Track enquiries to ensure they receive a quote.
On Request
Full support for services-on-request workflow - generate request emails, track option and request status, replace unavailable hotels.
Booking status
Create a custom checklist, and set per-holiday alert dates.
Each booking has a full change audit log.
Transaction fees
Supported on customer credit card payments.
Many pre-written reports; additional reports can be added, usually free-of-charge.

Optional Extras:-

Contract Loading
Load your supplier contracts yourself (free), or send them to us for loading on your behalf (charged).
Typical load time 15 minutes for a new supplier, 5 minutes for seasonal updates.
Automated conversion of contracts in a consistent format (e.g. as supplied by many ground agents).
Enable your website or other systems to price hotels / itineraries / snippets, and retrieve offers and booking details.
Import of data from any existing back-office system may be possible.

1. Fee % and turnover test use the total sales value of bookings that departed in the month being invoiced, ensuring that you have already received the revenue for those bookings. There is no charge for quotes.

There is a monthly charge of £50 for operators that have signed up but not yet sold enough to reach the Startup pricing band e.g. while loading initial contract data and creating test quotes & bookings.

2. Included training is at our location and/or by screen-share; training at your location may be available at extra charge.