Tour-Operator Reservation System for Tailor-made Holidays

Documentation: Admin - Supplier Payment Rules


A supplier payment rule is used to determine when a payment should be made to a supplier.
The rules are used in the Supplier Payment Report, accessible from Report and from the Holiday Ledger .

Rules are not altered or deleted; each rule is given an apply from date and the rule that applies on the date for each holiday is used.

To view existing rules

  1. Select the Admin tab from the Application Tabs bar
  2. In the Supplier payment rules box, enter/select a supplier id; then press "View / Edit" button. A list of suppliers can be given seperated with a comma: id1,id2,...
  3. All rules for the supplier are show. The fields are as described below. In addition the date the rule was added and the staff member whose added the rule are listed.

To add a new rule

Open existing rules as above, and press Copy, or to create a new rule from scratch:-
  1. Administrator rights are required
  2. Select the Admin tab from the Application Tabs bar
  3. In the Supplier payment rules box press the "Add" button
  4. Complete the dialog according to the details below
  5. Press Add Payment Rule

Supplier Rule Fields

Supplier : ID of the supplier for whom this payment rule will apply
Supplier Type : Type of supplier 
Apply From : the date from which this rule becomes valid; leave blank for it to become valid immediately
Deposit Date : The base date for deposit due date calculation - see Due Date Calculation
... +/- Days : Number of days post or prior date chosen in Deposit date. Required if Deposit Date isn't NONE
... % to pay : The percentage of the total service cost that is to be paid by the deposit due date;  Required if Deposit Date isn't NONE
Balance Date : The base date for balance due date calculation - see Due Date Calculation
... +/- Days : Number of days post or prior date chosen in Balance date. Required if Balance Date isn't NONE
Note : Optional short note e.g. "2012 contract" or "email 20jan12" 

Due Date Calculation

The date that the deposit or balance is due is calculated from the rule:-
  1. If no rule applies for the supplier/date it is assumed that payment will be made when supplier invoice is received
  2. The date indicated by the Deposit/Base Date field is selected from the booking:-
    1. Arrival: The start date of the service
    2. Departure: The end date of the service
    3. Booked: The date the service was booked - BN at present  this is the date the holiday was set to Confirmed
    4. Deposit: The date the deposit is due - this is only valid for the balance base date
  3. The number of "+/- Days" is added to the date found in step 2. If the number of days is positive the final date will be after that date; if negative it will be before.
For instance, Deposit Date: Arrival & Days: -60 indicates that the deposit is due 60 days before clients arrival at the hotel.