Tour-Operator Reservation System for Tailor-made Holidays

Documentation: Holidays - Supplier Website Imports


It is sometime required to manually add services to an itinerary that are been sourced from a suppliers website (i.e. are typically not loaded into the reservation system back-office database). This is normally the case for low-cost airlines who do not provide contract pricing.

In order to make this process easier (that is to avoid manually typing in service details and pricing), the tour operator system is able to import data from some supplier websites.

To use this feature:-
  1. Find the flights required on the airlines website, preferably adding required extras such as pre-paid bags etc. Where possible, request a price to cover all passengers, rather than a per-person price.
    NOTE: Dragging data from one make of browser to another (e.g. Chrome to Firefox) does not generally   work, as the data is usually corrupted. Therefore search for flights in a new window of the same browser that is used to operate the Travel system.
    Note : Safari rewrites data is provides by drag-and-drop in such a way that it does not resemble the source from the airline. As a result this feature is not supported in Safari.
  2. Highlight the part of the section of the page that includes flight details and overall pricing - see the Supported Supplier Websites list below to determine which section to copy. 
  3. Drag that text onto the 'Manual Travel' button in the Holiday Service tab - a + symbol should appear - release the text at that point.
  4. If TORS.Travel is unable to import the flight details, an error message will be shown. Double check that the correct text was highlighted on the airline website and try again; if it still fails, forward a screenshot of the text highlighted on the airline website to the Helpdesk.
  5. If there is either one or two sectors to import:-
    1. The Manual Travel dialogue will be displayed as usual, pre-populated with details from the supplier site.
    2. Double check the imported values and enter the Sell price. If it was only possible to request a per-person price, alter the Per-Pax selector,
    3. Click "Create Travel". As usual the created flights are shared across all Pax Groups - If necessary alter the sharing to match the  alter this to match the passengers selected in step 1.
  6. When there are more than two sectors to import a service for each sector will be created without displaying the Manual travel dialogue. The Sell price for the flight will be set to the flight cost, so remember to edit the flight services as required to alter the sales price. 
This feature is only available for selected supplier websites, and will be removed if it is not feasible to continue for a particular supplier. Any other supplier that is not listed below may be added if it is in frequent use at a tour operator.

Supported Supplier Websites

Importing flights from into a tour operator back-office reservations system

Note : As shown at the bottom of this screenshot, Ryanair may also charge a per-person per-sector Admin fee that is not included in within the total price displayed - this Admin fee is not calculated or added onto the price by TORS, so where Rynaair applies this fee the flight buy/sell must be manually increased to cover this charge. 
Load Ryanair flights into bespoke tour-operator itinerary/quote backoffice system

Note : As Air Arabia does not add luggage price (or other additional services) until passenger names and other details are entered, and these are not always known at the time of quote, the imported price will not normally include these extra costs.
The price is current always assumed to be in GBP regardless of the currency displayed.
Import flights from Air Arabia to tour operator system