Tour-Operator Reservation System for Tailor-made Holidays

Documentation: Holidays - Quotes

While a holiday is at Quote stage (or is a snippet ), you are provided with some features to make tracking quotations easier, and some features that are only relevant to Accepted itineraries are disabled. For help on Accepted itineraries (Requesting,Confirmed, etc) see the Accepted Holiday documentation . Note that new revisions can be created even on confirmed bookings.


A key feature of quotes is the ability to create different revsions. A revision is effectively an entirely separate quote in that it has its own departure date, itinerary, and pricing. It is also possible to have different passenger lists and Pax Groups if needed.

Revisions allow one-or-more quotes to be sent to a customer. When the customer comes back asking for changes (e.g. different room types/hotels/resorts), rather than altering the existing itinerary - which would mean losing the pricing and itinerary the client has already seen (and may ultimately decide to accept) - create a new revision and modify that to meet the customers wishes. 
When a member of staff subsequently views the holiday it is clear which itineraries have been suggested to the customer; and when the customer decides to go with an itinerary sent a week ago rather than the last one done, the itinerary is still available to convert, without having to re-create it.

Each revision keeps the same quote number (Normally displayed to the customer with the revision number appended e.g. Quote 10001 revision 2), and is always assigned to the same client.
When adding a new revision, the itinerary in the original revision is normally copied over to the new revision, as normally different revisions are variations on a theme. It is also possible to create a New Revision without any services copied over, and also to quickly delete all services  on an existing revision in order to build an entirely different itinerary.

Adding Revisions

To create a new revision with the same services as an existing revision
  1. Create or retrieve a quote as described in the main holiday documentation
  2. When you open an existing quote, the latest (highest number) revision is opened by default
  3. If it is a new quote, assign it to a client or save as a snippet
  4. Click the "New Revision" button on the Holiday Toolbar
  5. You will get a confirmation message that "You are now working on the new revision"
To create a new revision with no services
Follow the instructions for creating a new revision with services copied over; and instead of the "New Revision" button, select the "New Empty Revision" option from the Tools menu on the Holiday Toolbar.

Errors when adding a New Revision with services
Normally, as it has been possible to create the itinerary in the current revision, it should be possible to create the same itinerary in a new revision. However, some changes to the price database may prevent this, for instance a " Supplier Unavailable " rule may have been added since the source revision was created. In this case the data loaders can try to correct the missing data (if relevant), or skip the invalid service by using use the copy functionality:-
    1. Copy the services  which are still valid to the Holiday Clipboard
    2. Create a new revision with no services (see below)
    3. Paste the services copied in step 1. 

To navigate between revisions

Use the numbered revision buttons in the Holiday Toolbar - the numbers indicate the revision. 

Deleting Services 

While a holiday is a quote, you can remove services one-at-a-time from an itinerary by clicking the "Del" on the service row. If the service is shared by several Pax Groups it will be removed from all the shared groups.
You can delete all services belonging to a Pax Group in one go by clicking the button at the top right of the Pax Group's services list and selecting "Remove all services". You will not be prompted for confirmation.

Once the holidays is accepted you can no longer delete services, and instead change the service status to mark the service as no longer required - this is because you may already have supplier communication or payments assigned to the service.

Features disabled in Quote mode

  • Deleting services - see above
  • Accommodation requests and Voucher generation - Not relevant to quotes
  • Ledger entry - no payments are allowed on quotes
  • Audit log - correct use of revisions and memos should make an audit log at this stage unnecessary, while the relatively high amount of changes may make a quote level audit log unwieldy. 
You may be able to export invoices and other documentation relevant to confirmed bookings even when in quote mode; this makes it easy to validate changes to documentation without affecting existing bookings or having to use a secondary database. [The ability to produce confirmed booking documentation for quotes may be removed in future].