Tour-Operator Reservation System for Tailor-made Holidays

Documentation: Holidays - Cancellation


Once a holiday has been confirmed it may become necessary to cancel it, perhaps because the client can no longer travel, or your supplier is no longer able to offer the requested services.

Note the cancellation pathway in the Confirmed Holiday workflow .

How to cancel a booking

  1. First mark the booking as cancelled
    1. Open the booking
    2. The booking must have been accepted (accepted revision is set)
    3. Change Holiday Status to "Cancelled" (CX)
    4. Enter the cancellation charge to the client according to the tour operator terms & conditions,
    5. In the charge, remember to include any payment transaction fees that the client will forfeit 
    6. If this is an agent booking, enter the amount of commission the agent will get from this cancelled booking
    7. Enter any notes to display to the client on the cancellation invoice
    8. Press Cancel
    9. A new revision (the Cancellation revision) will be created so that it can be updated with cancellation costs, and so that the pre-cancellation costs can still be seen in the prior revision
  2. Cancel any services that have been requested or confirmed with suppliers, 
    1. Update service status to reflect cancellation request and cancellation confirmation
    2. Update the service rack/net/buy/sell costs to reflect the cancellation fees imposed by the supplier. This will update the markup and supplier payments due to match the cancellation status.
  3. Enter relevant ledger payments for client, supplier and agent - note that the Holiday Payment status may indicate the the client is owed a Refund (based on the cancellation charge and payments recorded) - the amount refundable is shown in the balance entry.
  4. Once all services are cancelled and ledger entries made, your tour-operator may require that the Holiday status is set to "Closed CX"; after setting this status the booking can no longer be altered.