Tour-Operator Reservation System for Tailor-made Holidays

Documentation: Holiday Screen - Pax Tab

Each passenger on the holiday has an entry in the Pax table; the number of Pax entries sets the number of people travelling. 
Each passenger is assigned to one Pax group, thus setting the number of people in the group.
Every revision can have a different set/number of Pax, if required; in most cases the Pax table is fairly constant across revisions.

Adding/Editing Pax

  • Add a Pax: Select the number of Passengers to create and the group to which they should be assigned; then click 'Add New Pax'. Only the Pax Group is compulsory - the system will create a default passenger surname and all other values are optional.
  • Edit Pax details: Click on a cell (not all cells are editable, see Fields below). Changed values are marked with a red triangle - press Save in the Holiday toolbar to commit changes. Press Escape in the cell to revert to original value.
  • Remove Pax: Click the select box in the first table column for each Pax to remove and click 'Remove Selected Pax'. When the last Pax in a Pax Group is removed, that Pax Group and all its services are also removed - this is not reversible. It is often useful to create a New Revision before removing Pax.

Pax Fields

  • Title , Forename , Surname: set the passenger name (usually as per Passport for providing to Airlines etc). 
  • Group: Select the Pax Group this Pax is assigned to
  • Buy: The cost to provide services used by the passenger
  • Sell: The amount this passenger will pay (excluding transaction fees)
  • Buy and Sell  are calculated by dividing the pax Group buy and sell by the number of passengers assigned to the group.
  • Tax: T he tax part of Sell.
  • Insurance : If the passenger requires insurance select an appropriate policy from the list. A service will be created within the assigned Pax Group to reflect the cost of the policy from an available supplier. The "Not Required" option may be used in  Customer Documentation to explicitly state the Passenger does not have insurance provided.
  • Visa : Select any Visas to be providing to the Passenger. "Automatic" means the system will add Visas for any country the Passenger stays in (hotel/tour) and for which a Visa service is defined. "Manual" allows manual selection of required Visas from those available using the list on the right. "Not Required" enables Customer Documentation to distinguish between 'No visa needed' and 'No visa will be provided' cases.
  • Passport Expiry: The date the passengers passport expires. If given, the date is checked to ensure the passport has enough validity according the PASSPORT_VALID_MONTHS system preference . [Note that currently this one value applies to all destination countries - please submit a feature request if  this is needed to vary by country or in other ways].
  • Dietry Reqs: If given, the text will be included in Supplier Requests and Vouchers.
  • All other values: are for your information only and are stored but not otherwise used or validated by the system.