Tour-Operator Reservation System for Tailor-made Holidays

Documentation: Holiday Screen - Pax Group Tab

As noted in the Holiday Screen Introduction , A Pax Group (Passenger Group) should be created for each distinct price (itinerary) to be included in the holiday. Each Pax Groups is then assigned one-or-more Passengers within the Pax Tab . Each revision can have a different set of Pax Groups, although it is usual for them to stay much the same across revisions.

Example Pax Groups

In each of these examples a quote/invoice can show a separate price for each group, plus an overall price for the complete booking (the overall price may also have other components such as Credit Card Transaction Fees).

Family holiday
  • Pax Group 1: Parents (will have 2 Passengers assigned to it, will need normal 2 adults sharing pricing)
  • Pax Group 2: Child of 5 sharing with parents (will need Child Third Bed pricing)
  • Pax Group 3: Teen of 15 in own room (will need single room pricing)
Different room types / itineraries
  • Pax Group 1: Couple One (will have 2 passengers assigned; this couple prefers to have Suites)
  • Pax Group 2: Couple Two (will have 2 passengers assigned; this couple wants twin rooms)
  • Pax Group 3: Single Person (arriving 2 days later than the Couples and needs Single Room pricing)
Your tour operator should set a default Pax Group and Pax configuration that matches your most common party composition, this will be applied to every new quote, reducing the amount of times you need to configure the Pax Groups.

Pax Group create/Edit

  • To add a new group : First select the number of Passengers in the group (a shortcut to avoid having to add the Pax manually) and then click the Add New Pax Group button.
  • To Edit a value : Click on a cell (not all cells are editable, see Fields below). Changed cells are indicated with a red triangle; to commit the changes press the Save button on the Holiday toolbar.
  • To remove a group : Tick the select box in the first table column and press "Remove selected Groups". When a Group is removed, all passengers and services for the Group are also removed - this is not reversible. It is often useful to make a New Revision before removing Pax Groups.

Pax Group Fields

  • Name:  the id used for the Pax Group within the system - this is fairly short. If not given a default will be provided.
  • Public name: optional; may be displayed instead of Name on client documentation - it can be longer than Name.
  • Buy:  Displays the cost to supply the holiday itinerary for this Pax Group
  • Sell : Displays the total to be paid by all passengers in the group
  • Both Buy and Sell are calculated as the sum of the corresponding values in the services assigned to this Pax Group
  • Tax  is the tax part of  Sell