Tour-Operator Reservation System for Tailor-made Holidays

Documentation: Bulk Supplier Ledger Entry


The Bulk Supplier Ledger entry screen allows supplier payments to be applied to holidays without opening each individual Holiday Ledger tab .This make entry faster especially considering that supplier invoices may refer to multiple bookings, and the supplier invoices for a given booking will arrive at different times,

Note that since client payments typically require further actions beyond simply adding a ledger entry (maybe adding a Payment Method, and subsequently exporting an updated invoice) the Bulk Ledger entry does not support Client ledger entries - these must be created using the Holiday Ledger tab .

The Bulk Entry screen cannot be used for editing existing ledger entries, use the   Holiday Ledger tab  instead.


  1. Enter a booking reference into the Holiday field. The expected supplier payments will be retrieved and listed below
  2. Enter the fields as described below
  3. Press "Save Ledger"
  4. If an error message is shown, correct the error and try to save again
  5. The added item will be displayed at the top of the "Recently added" list
  6. The input form will be cleared, ready for the next ledger item to be entered


The key ledger values are entered in the Tour Operators sales currency. There is the option to also record the amount in another currency, for instance when a supplier is paid from a foreign bank account operating a different currency. Reports normally use the sales currency value.
By setting the F/X Rate  (which has a different value per supplier currency) a value entered into the Value (Sales currency) field will automatically update the Supplier Rec'd (alternate currency) field, and v.v. 
The F/X rate' s are not stored into the ledger entry, and are forgotten when the Bulk Ledger tab is closed, therefore for frequent users of the Bulk Ledger it is useful to keep the tab open.


For more information about the fields and their usage, see the notes in the   Holiday Ledger tab  documentation.
  • Holiday : The booking reference for the holiday against which supplier payment was made
  • Receipt date : If the payment was not made today, select the correct payment date
  • Type : Select if payment was made to supplier, or supplier made a refund
  • Supplier : Select one of the suppliers for this holiday
  • Amount paid : enter the amount paid to the supplier (or refunded) in the TOurOp sales currency
  • Force : Ignore sanity checks on the input values. See notes in  Holiday Ledger tab  documentation.
  • Mark as fully paid : Set supplier as fully paid, regardless of any outstanding difference between quoted amount and current payments. See notes in  Holiday Ledger tab  documentation.
  • Supplier Rec'd : Optional -  record the amount in the suppliers own currency
  • F/X rate : Optional - see Currency section above.
  • Note : Optional - Free text (short) e.g. to record a payment reference number.    
  • Account : optional - identify which bank account is the source/destination for this debit/credit