Tour-Operator Reservation System for Tailor-made Holidays

Documentation: System Preferences


Preferences control various default settings such as the Deposit amount and due date. Each preference has a system default, can be set per TourOp , and certain preferences can also be set in Holiday Preferences .

The first value found when searching Holiday then TourOp then System is the value used.

For a description of each preference, open the Preferences screen as described below, all available preferences and descriptions are listed. If you have any queries contact the help desk.

To view current Preference settings

  1. Click on "Admin" in the Application Tab
  2. Select a TourOp from the dropdown list in the System Preferences box
  3. Click the Preferences button
  4. If the Preference you are interested in is a Holiday level preference, you will also need to check to see if the preference is listed in the Holiday Preference screen for each holiday of interest.

To alter a preference

If it is a Holiday level preference and you do not wish to alter the setting for all future uses then set the preference within the individual holiday using the Holiday Preference screen. 

Note that changing the value of Holiday level preferences do not affect existing holidays, as each holiday creates its own copy of the preferences when it is created. 

The System Preference screen is used to set the value for all future users of a Holiday Level preference, or alter the value of a System Level preference.
To alter a System Preference contact the helpdesk - the staff member making the change must have both Admin and Prefs Admin permissions, the latter is normally only given to the helpdesk.
  1. For a user with Admin and Prefs Admin permission 
  2. Open the system Preference screen
  3. Find the preference of interest.
  4. Consider the scope of the effect of changing the Preference from its default or previously set value.
    • Decreasing 'Welcome Home Email Delay Days' should be done one day at a time, calling the cron job to force email delivery for that value.
  5. Document the change reason/value into client setup notes
  6. Click the row and alter the value according to the Value Type.
  7. Press Save