Tour-Operator Reservation System for Tailor-made Holidays

Documentation: Admin - templates


All documentation (e.g. anything created through an Export dialog), is created through a template.

Each client may have their own template(s) which can replace or exist along side the default ones provided in the default system setup.

Any given module (holiday, client, report, request, voucher, etc), has its own set of templates, as many as are required to provide the different  outputs desired.

When a template is run, it is provided with a data object reflecting the content of the module and any other relevant fields. The template can directly substitute values, as well as commands typical to document template systems (e.g. if, loop, value filters, template inheritance).

The format of the created document is defined by the content of the template; The usual format is HTML, the system provides a HTML to PDF converter and automatically provides a PDF option for all HTML templates. The report module includes a CSV output template to enable passing data to spreadsheets or other systems.

Where a template output is non-html and sent by e-mail, it is attached to the e-mail - the template can also define custom text for the email body.

Where HTML content is generated for an e-mail, a plain text version can automatically be generated.

Automatic Inclusion of ATOL Certificate into Invoice as needed is supported (as well as creating an ATOL Certificate by itself).

The system does not currently provide a template manager or editor, and the list of data fields and filters for use in templates is not documented here - contact the helpdesk regarding document setup or alteration.

Since the majority of clients prefer to fully design their own documentation look and layout, the built-in demonstration templates for client documentation are (intentionally) minimal and basic - they help provide an indication to the designers of the information that must be considered for layout within a specific document (e.g. Pax Groups ), but are not intended for immediate use for customers. Document creation may be included in the standard pricing  - the first implementation of each main document type (quote, invoice, itinerary, voucher) according to the HTML designs provided by the client.