Tour-Operator Reservation System for Tailor-made Holidays

Documentation: Admin - Supplier Minimum Duration


The Supplier Minimum Duration screen is used to mark a supplier (normally a hotelier) as requiring a minimum duration - normally a minimum number of nights stay.

The rules are checked for services whose source is AUTo and service status is Quote; the basis for this is shown below. Note that this means when a service that has been confirmed is changed to a different date or duration, no check against these rules is made; consider setting service status back to Quote as part of the workflow in this event, otherwise this will be handled when the supplier is notified of the change. 
  • When source is MANual it is assumed that the supplier or contract have been checked for pricing, and relevant checks for applicability have already been done manualy. This also provides a way to override a rule, instead of disabling that rule altogether
  • If the service status is request/confirmed then the supplier has already authorised the service so the rules cannot apply
  • If the service status indicated the service was rejected, the rules are not of any relevance
When a service which matches against a Minimum Duration rule is costed the user is notified in one of two ways:-
  • If the 'Enforced' option of the rule is set, the costing will fail with a NoMatch error, with rule details (minimum duration and applicable dates) given in the error details
  • If the 'Enforced' option of the rule is not set, the costing will succeed. However the user will be presented with a message indicating that the supplier normally applies a minimum duration and providing the rule details . It is up to the user to confirm with the supplier that the chosen duration is acceptable in the given case (it would be sensible for the user to   indicate communication with the supplier in the Holiday Memo screen for future reference).
As the API uses automatic pricing these rules also apply to the API results - either an error is raised, or the non-enforced minimum stay details are returned to the caller - see the API documentation for more details.

To edit or view existing Minimum Duration rules

  1. You need administrator permissions to edit, but not to view
  2. Click on the Admin tab in the Application Tab Menu
  3. Put the supplier code in the entry box in the "Minimum duration" group. A list of suppliers can be given seperated with a comma: id1,id2,...
  4. Click on the "View / Edit" button 
  5. The table can be sorted by clicking on the table headings
  6. To edit the rule, click the "Edit" button on the row, edit details as below and press Save to store the changes

To add a new Minimum Duration

Open an existing rule as above and press Copy, or create a new rule from scratch.
  1. You must have administrator permissions
  2. Click on the Admin tab in the Application Tab Menu
  3. In the "Minimum Duration" group, click the "Add" button
  4. Enter the details as per below
  5. Press Save

The fields

Supplier : The code for the supplier - required
Supplier Type : Hotel or Supplier - required
Service Type : Type of service to apply this rule to (e.g. Hotel)
Stay dates : The rule will apply to any services that include a date between these dates: both dates required
Minimum duration: The quantity and unit. e.g. Quantity 3, unit NIGHT.
Enforced : If Yes, an error is raised when this rule matches; otherwise a warning message is displayed.
Disabled : If this rule should no longer be applied, set to Yes.