Tour-Operator Reservation System for Tailor-made Holidays

Documentation: Admin - Supplier Contracts

Documents received from suppliers (normally contracts, special offers and other information) can be uploaded along with some meta-data. These files are then listed in the Supplier information screen for each service in a holiday.

Currently the only directly supported document storage is Dropbox, however users may upload documents to any other web site and paste the url in manually.

All Meta data is optional, the fields are:- 
For stays From , Until: Sets the stay dates that the document covers. This may be used to restrict the list of displayed documents to those relevant to the current holiday/service.
Content: Indicates the type of information that will be found in the document
Date : the date the supplier provided the document
Note : Short free-text 

The Document URL  is required, Press the "Dropbox" button to select an existing file from Dropbox, and/or to upload a file; if the file is stored in another service past the link into the input field without using the Dropbox button.