Tour-Operator Reservation System for Tailor-made Holidays

Documentation: Admin - Identity tables


An "identity table" is on of the various lists that consists of items with a unique ID and a longer description.
These lists are all managed through the same screen; the specific lists are:-
  • Client Action - e.g. brochure requests - See the Client documentation
  • Country - The list of countries for addresses, assigning places to, and visas. All countries are pre-loaded, so this will only need to be changed when a country itself changes, if then. Note that the list of countries you actually sell is discovered using the available product, not the list of countries defined here.
  • Holiday Actions - e.g. "documents sent" - See the Accepted Holiday documentation
  • Insurance Policy - Defines the available policies for use when adding an INSurance service
  • Meal Basis - e.g. BB / "Half Board"
  • Source - e.g. "Advert 10345" - Each client and each booking can be assigned a source, which can be used in reporting to discover the value of a particular source. 
  • Title - Designations such as "Mr", "Mrs".
  • Ledger Accounts - see the Ledger Documentation
Within the lists it is possible to disable an individual item, which will normally remove it from the list of available items where relevant. It is not possible to delete items.

Opening an identity table

  1. Click on the "Admin" Application tab
  2. In the "Code / Descriptions" box select the lsit you require from the dropdown
  3. Optionally enter a code ('%' is allowed to match partial codes e.g. "a%")
  4. Click "Add edit description"

Adding a new list item 

  1. You need to be an Administrator and not have "Read only" option set
  2. Open the required list as described above
  3. Click the top row - which shows "[add new]"
  4. Enter a code which has not yet been used in this list, and a description for the code. The item will default to enabled.
  5. Press Save

Editing an existing list item 

You cannot alter the code once the item is added.

Care should be taken when editing the description; for instance if source "PAP" originally mean newspaper, and you change the description to say "Website", you make it appear that all the exiting users of the PAP source came  from the Website. Since new users of the source code will now see Website they will use PAP code, so that you have now combined recent Website and old newspaper sourced items into one total - this is not useful.
You should instead add a new item that has the description you require.
  1. You need to be an Administrator and not have "Read only" option set
  2. Open the required list as described above
  3. Click on the row with the item you wish to edit
  4. Change the description if needed (mainly to remove a typing mistake), and/or change disabled flag
  5. Press Save