Tour-Operator Reservation System for Tailor-made Holidays

Documentation: Admin - Data Files


The Admin screen on the Application Tab provides graphical user interface for loading all needed data into the system.

An alternative to this is to create text files containing the same sata in a specified format; these files are then loaded into the system using the "Data Input " option in the Tools application menu.

Depending on your personal preferences, a text file can be faster and clearer that the (or any?) graphical interface. While the format does need to be understood, there are many examples available by default so that, for instance, creating a new hotel can be done by copy & paste and the entering the contact details and rates.

Use of the data file input is not supported unless its use is agreed. In general all data loaders for a client should use data files, or none of them.

Differences between the Admin screen and Data file input

When rates and other items are altered through the Admin screens, an audit log will typically be generated, and other related data (e.g. rates for the same supplier) are not affected.

When loaded using a data file, no audit logs are created, and the data file contents replace all existing data for the segment (e..g hotel) it is updating. Therefore users of data files should keep their own history of changes, typically within the data file itself, or by storing the datafiles in a revision control system.
Loading Automated price adjusters through data files is not supported.

[The data file format is not documented here].